Office staff are generally available to answer the phones between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Friday. If our front office staff are tied up with other callers when you call, or if you call after-hours or on weekends, our voicemail system will answer your call.

Suite A: 781-239-3550

  • Steven Auster M.D.
  • Edward Bauman PsyD
  • Bruce Black M.D.
  • Paul Callahan PsyD
  • Margaret Freilich PsyD
  • Carolyn Greenspon LICSW
  • Doreen Kalter M.D.
  • LuAnn Keough PhD
  • Steven Lessin PhD
  • Marisa Mendel M.D.
  • Sara Rosin LICSW

Suite B: 781-239-1093

  • Charles Adler M.D.
  • Deborah Brown LICSW
  • Ellen Cohen M.D.
  • Stephanie Davidoff M.D., PhD
  • Joel Match PhD
  • Jeff Zhao M.D.

Suite C: 781-489-2300

  • Deoborah Bolter PhD
  • Alison Disseler LICSW
  • Laurie Hammer M.D.
  • Gail Hanson-Mayer APRN
  • Linda Kames PsyD
  • Shellie Miller PsyD
  • Audrey Nathan LICSW
  • DeeDee Pike PsyD
  • Michael Posternak M.D.
  • Katherine Wilson LICSW
  • Kathleen Woodward LICSW

Emergency & After-Hours Coverage

24 hour, 365 day coverage for medical emergencies is provided through an emergency voicemail system.

 If you or a family member are in treatment at Comprehensive Psychiatric Associates and are experiencing a medical emergency that will not wait until our normal business hours, you should call our office (781-239-3550), then press 4 when the voicemail system answers.  Follow the instructions to leave an emergency message.  A clinician from our office will return your call within 60 minutes. If you or a family member is experiencing a life-threatening emergency or if you are concerned about an immediate safety issue and cannot wait for a call back from our on-call clinician, you should call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.

 If you have a pressing concern or feel you need to speak to the clinician that has been providing your treatment before your next appointment, but it is not a medical emergency, then it is usually best to wait until the office is open to call.  The receptionist will then either schedule an appointment for you to meet with your clinician as soon as possible, or will take a message regarding your urgent concern and see that your treating clinician gets the message as quickly as possible.

 We cannot provide emergency after-hours consultation for individuals who have not yet had an initial evaluation or are not currently in treatment in our practice.