Appointment Cancellations/Rescheduling

Our cancellation policy requires that you call at least 48 business hours in advance of the appointment in order to avoid being charged.  This is so that we will have enough time to schedule other patients who need appointments.  If the appointment is on a Monday or following a long weekend, the cancellation should be made before noon on the previous working day.  We also charge for appointments that are missed without prior cancellation.  Insurance generally does not cover charges for missed appointments or late cancellations; therefore, any charges will be your responsibility.  We generally require that charges for missed appointments or late cancellations be paid at or before the next visit.

In order to respect all patients’ time and schedules, we try very hard to stay on time for appointments.  However, if an emergency has come up in the office, there may be a delay.  Otherwise, you will need to be on time to make full use of your scheduled time.

Billing & Insurance

Our clinical staff are providers with most insurance and managed care plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Choice, Blue Care Elect, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Medicare, Tufts Health Plan, United Behavioral Health, and others.

If we are a contracted provider for your insurance plan, we will bill the insurance directly.  Payment of any applicable co-payment or deductible is due at the time services are rendered.  If we do not have a contractual provider relationship with your insurance plan, full payment for services is due at the time services are provided.

Some services may not be covered by health insurance.  Charges for uncovered services will be your responsibility.  This may include charges for telephone consultations, written correspondence, or reports in connection with evaluation or treatment, and charges for appointments that are missed or canceled without at least 48 hours prior notification.

We will try to handle all insurance issues in order to save you that time, but the final responsibility for payment of charges for our services is yours. Every insurance policy varies with respect to the specific benefits and coverage provided. We will contact your insurance provider to determine your benefits and we will do our best to explain your insurance benefits to you.  However, we encourage you to call your insurance company yourself to learn exactly what your mental health benefits are (they are often different from other medical benefits).  When we call your insurance provider to verify your benefits, it is not uncommon that we are given erroneous, misleading, or contradictory information.  Therefore, we cannot be responsible if the information we provide you is in error and your insurance ends up covering a smaller amount of your charges than you expect, or does not cover our services at all.

If your insurance policy changes, please call our office to inform us of your new policy and bring your insurance card with you to your next appointment.  Most policies have a limit to how long after an appointment the service can be billed to the insurance.  Therefore, if you fail to notify us of a change in your health insurance policy in a timely manner, you will be responsible for the entire amount of the charges not covered by insurance.

Please remember that you, not your insurance, are ultimately responsible for payment for the services we provide, and that it is your insurance, not ours.  If you feel that your insurance has not paid as much of our charges as they should, we will help however we can, but cannot be responsible if you believe that they have not fulfilled their obligation to you.

Our financial and billing policies are explained further in our Financial Policies Agreement

Privacy & Confidentiality

We pledge to provide you with the highest quality of care and to build a relationship that is based on trust.  This trust includes our commitment to respect the privacy and confidentiality of your health care information. For further information please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Schedule Restrictions

Due to high demand for appointments during peak afternoon and evening hours some of our patients may be restricted to scheduling appointments only during specific time periods. Our clinicians see patients of all ages and may reserve afternoon and evening appointment times for younger patients who are only able to attend visits during after-school hours. If we need to restrict your appointments to specific time periods, this will be discussed with you at the time you schedule your first appointment, or your clinician will discuss with you.

Emergency & After-Hours Coverage

24 hour, 365 day coverage for medical emergencies is provided through an emergency voicemail system.

 If you or a family member are in treatment at Comprehensive Psychiatric Associates and are experiencing a medical emergency that will not wait until our normal business hours, you should call our office (781-239-3550), then press 4 when the voicemail system answers.  Follow the instructions to leave an emergency message.  A clinician from our office will return your call within 60 minutes. If you or a family member is experiencing a life-threatening emergency or if you are concerned about an immediate safety issue and cannot wait for a call back from our on-call clinician, you should call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.

 If you have a pressing concern or feel you need to speak to the clinician that has been providing your treatment before your next appointment, but it is not a medical emergency, then it is usually best to wait until the office is open to call.  The receptionist will then either schedule an appointment for you to meet with your clinician as soon as possible, or will take a message regarding your urgent concern and see that your treating clinician gets the message as quickly as possible.

 We cannot provide emergency after-hours consultation for individuals who have not yet had an initial evaluation or are not currently in treatment in our practice.