Generally, we will respond to your request within one to two business days. If you require more urgent attention, please call our office (781-239-3550 for Suite A, 781-239-1093 for Suite B, or 781-489-2300 for Suite C, or click here if you are unsure which suite to call) to speak with our office staff, or, if the voicemail system answers, press 2 to leave a prescription refill request, or press 0 to leave a general message for the staff.

If the time since your last visit with your prescribing doctor has been significantly longer than your doctor recommended at your last visit, we may ask you to schedule another appointment before we can refill your prescription..

PLEASE NOTE: Email correspondence through this website is not completely secure at this time. Please DO NOT relay sensitive information if this is of a concern to you. Email messages pass from your computer through a number of servers (computers) on the Internet. While in route and when stored on the servers, waiting for delivery to your computer, these messages could be read by an unauthorized person. This is highly unlikely, yet the possibility is there. We recommend that you use the telephone for sensitive information you wish to keep absolutely private.